Take a look below to explore our exceptional range of high-quality framing options. We offer a diverse selection of frames crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your choice of print receives the perfect finishing touch it deserves.

**Please note that sizes of products indicate print size. Final products are 8-10cm larger on each side if framed.

Metallic Paper

All of our prints are printed on top-tier metallic pearl paper. With a pearlescent finish akin to traditional silver-halide metallic photo papers, this paper guarantees exceptional image clarity. Its vibrant colours and high-gloss metallic sheen maintain archival quality for over 100 years.


For any inquiries regarding alternative framing options not listed, kindly reach out to us through our dedicated contact page. We are more than happy to assist you in exploring additional framing choices that align with your preferences and requirements.


Acrylic on a Simple Wood Frame

Discover the charm of our affordable and versatile wooden frames. Acrylic glazed with a 50mm mat board border, this frame has a simple design but effortlessly enhance any application, making them a perfect choice for a wide range of settings. Enjoy the ease of matching them to various styles and decor, creating a cohesive and appealing look. Choose from White, Black, or Tasmanian Oak finishes.


Introducing the classic yet contemporary framing style, expertly crafted using lightweight materials that effortlessly complement any home or office decor. This frame, designed for versatility, showcases the print on metallic paper with a stylish white border, creating a sense of depth and enhancing its overall appeal. Choose from White, Black, or Tasmanian Oak finishes.