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Majestic Monochrome Lion - Biodegradable Cases

Majestic Monochrome Lion - Biodegradable Cases

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Captured in the Maasai Mara, this stunning black and white lion portrait keeps every detail meticulously preserved. The absence of colour adds a vintage allure, accentuating the lions raw power and striking features.

© Alison Lee Rubie 2022 - Kenya


Join the plastic-free movement by selling biodegradable phone cases. Made from PLA plant polymer and bamboo fibers, these cases naturally biodegrade 160 days after disposal. They also support wireless charging for hassle-free battery charging on the go. Sell them as is or offer gift packaging options for special events.

.: Premium quality PLA polymer
.: Matte finish
.: Precise cut outs for connectivity
.: Supports wireless charging
.: Might have a natural scent
.: Gift packaging available

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